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Daily Archives: Tuesday, April 3, 2018

  • [April 2018] 100% Free Lead2pass 300-075 New Questions Download 423q

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    Which two statements regarding you configuring a traversal server and traversal client relationship are true? (Choose two.)

    A.    VCS supports only the H.460.18/19 protocol for H.323 traversal calls.
    B.    VCS supports either the Assent or the H.460.18/19 protocol for H.323 traversal calls.
    C.    VCS supports either the Assent or the H.460.18/19 protocol for SIP traversal calls.
    D.    If the Assent protocol is configured, a TCP/TLS connection is established from the traversal client to the traversal server for SIP signaling.
    E.    A VCS Expressway located in the public network or DMZ acts as the firewall traversal client. (more…)

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    Which discard digits instruction removes all digits prior to the North American Numbering Plan portion of the route pattern?

    A.    PreDot
    B.    PreAt
    C.    Pre
    D.    PreNANP (more…)

  • [2018-4-2] Updated CV0-001 New Questions From Lead2pass Free Downloading

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    QUESTION 409
    Engineers are preparing to move guests to new compute and storage infrastructure. Basic network and SAN connectivity have been established. Which of the following options are valid NEXT steps to prepare for guest migration to the new infrastructure? (Select two.)

    A.    Tag the live migration VLAN on the trunk to the new servers
    B.    Correctly size and provision NFS LUNs on the new storage
    C.    Zone HBAs
    D.    Prep mirror VMs on new hosts for data migration
    E.    Tag the SAN trunks with the correct guest network VLANs

    Answer: AD

    QUESTION 410
    An administrator is implementing a private cloud that will be used as a test environment. To limit the number of guests per subnet to a maximum of 14, the administrator implemented a /20 network. Which of the following should the administrator use to assign the networks?

    A.    DHCP
    B.    Subnet
    C.    VLAN
    D.    Gateway

    Answer: A

    QUESTION 411
    A Chief Information Officer (CIO) has summoned an administrator due to the datacenter power bill being significantly higher than normal. The administrator explains that a new array was installed for a 20TB CRM application. Which of the following solutions would provide a new performance benefit and also reduce power consumption?

    A.    SSD
    B.    SAS
    C.    SATA
    D.    FC

    Answer: A

    QUESTION 412
    Cloud bursting can alleviate which of the following attacks?

    A.    Buffer Overflow
    B.    Brute Force
    C.    XSS
    D.    DDOS

    Answer: D

    QUESTION 413
    An administrator is testing a new web server from outside of the corporate firewall. The administrator performs a test from a single PC and the web server responds accordingly. The administrator then provisions several virtual machines on a network behind NAT and uses them to perform the same operation on the web server at the same time, but thereafter soon discovers that none of the machines can reach the web server. Which of the following could be responsible?

    A.    IPS
    B.    Blacklisting
    C.    IDS
    D.    Whitelisting
    E.    Firewall

    Answer: E

    QUESTION 414
    Which of the following would a company implement to provide authentication to multiple websites that are delivered through PaaS?

    A.    Federation services
    B.    MAC
    C.    Multi-factor authentication
    D.    RBAC

    Answer: D

    QUESTION 415
    An administrator is responsible for managing a host that is part of a private cloud. The host has one physical quad core CPU. The administrator is tasked with creating a new guest that requires a single CPU. Which of the following actions should the administrator do?

    A.    Assign 1 virtual CPU to the Guest
    B.    Assign 1 virtual CPU to the Host
    C.    Assign 1 physical CPU to the Guest
    D.    Assign 1 physical CPU to the Host

    Answer: A

    QUESTION 416
    Which of the following storage technologies is IP-based?

    A.    SCSI
    B.    DAS
    C.    FCP
    D.    NAS

    Answer: D

    QUESTION 417
    An administrator has created a new virtual server according to specifications and verified that TCP/IP settings are correct. When the VM is powered on, however, an error message indicates that a network card MAC address conflict exists. Which of the following would resolve this issue?

    A.    Remove the virtual NIC and configure another one.
    B.    Add an additional NIC with a loopback interface.
    C.    Ping the IP address to determine the location of the conflict.
    D.    Change the MAC to ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff and obtain a new address.

    Answer: A

    QUESTION 418
    An administrator is no longer receiving alerting messages from the web server platform that recently failed over to a new secondary datacenter due to a power failure. Which of the following is the cause of the problem?

    A.    Port 21 in only allowed inbound at the primary datacenter
    B.    Port 22 to the log server is blocked outbound
    C.    Port 162 in DMZ is blocked inbound
    D.    Port 162 in DMZ is blocked outbound

    Answer: C

    QUESTION 419
    An organization wants to create a server VM that is segregated from the rest of the servers. Which of the following should the server administrator configure?

    A.    Virtual NIC
    B.    Trunk port
    C.    Virtual memory
    D.    VPN connection

    Answer: A

    QUESTION 420
    Which of the following ensures that there is enough space for vendors to install their programs and run the software they will be managing for various SaaS products?

    A.    Network isolation
    B.    Laws and regulations
    C.    Multi-tenancy
    D.    Data segregation

    Answer: C

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  • [2018-4-2] 300-101 Latest Dumps Free Download From Lead2pass (509-520)

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    QUESTION 509
    Refer to the exhibit. A network engineer is working on the network topology and executes the command no ip split-horizon on interface S0/0 of the hum router.
    What is the result of this command? (more…)